Comparing SVG Elements with Different Attributes

The element is a powerful HTML5 tool that provides graphic and animation capabilities to webpages. Within the element, the element allows you to animate any of its attributes. However, different attributes of the element can lead to different behaviors and effects. In this article, we will look at two example elements and compare their effects.

The first example uses the attribute onrepeat with the value alert(1). It also has the attribute dur set to 1s and repeatcount set to 2.

The second example also uses the attributes onrepeat and dur. It has a different value for onrepeat, and repeatcount is set to 1. />

The difference between these two examples is the repeatcount. The first example has a repeatcount of 2, while the second has a repeatcount of 1. This difference means that the second example will only repeat once, while the first will repeat twice. This can have a big effect on the animation and can produce different results.

To summarize, different attributes of the element can have an effect on the behavior and results of the animation. In this article, we looked at two examples of elements that had different repeatcounts and showed the effect that it can have on the animation.