Comparing Simpplr vs Bloomfire

Simpplr and Bloomfire are two of the most popular enterprise social networks designed to help organizations engage with employees. The two platforms offer a wide variety of features that allow companies to create a more connected workforce.Simpplr is a social network that helps companies create a more connected workforce through features such as employee directories, content libraries, personalized feeds, and custom notifications. It also allows organizations to connect their other enterprise applications, such as Slack and Salesforce, into the platform.Bloomfire is a cloud-based platform that helps organizations build stronger connections between teams and departments. It includes features such as forums, document sharing, polls, and wikis. Additionally, Bloomfire offers the ability to connect third-party apps, such as G-Suite, Outlook, and Slack, into the platform.Both of these platforms have similar features that allow organizations to manage their workforce, but there are some differences. Simpplr offers a more employee-focused platform while Bloomfire is more team-oriented. Additionally, Bloomfire has more in-depth analytics capabilities that give organizations insight into their team's performance.Simpplr provides a more streamlined user experience with an easy-to-use dashboard and content library. Bloomfire, on the other hand, offers a more extensive suite of capabilities that allow organizations to customize the platform and access powerful analytics, as well as the ability to connect more third-party applications.In conclusion, Simpplr and Bloomfire are both great options for enterprises looking to create an engaging social network and foster better relationships between employees. Simpplr is ideal for organizations that want to focus on an employee-oriented experience, while Bloomfire offers more features for teams, such as in-depth analytics, customization, and the ability to connect third-party applications.