Comparing Nvidia's GTX 1050Ti to AMD's Vega 7

Both Nvidia's GTX 1050Ti and AMD's Vega 7 are popular mid-range graphics cards, built for RPG and action gamers who don't have massive budgets for their gaming needs. While the original GTX 1050Ti was released in 2016 and its successor is soon to come, the Vega 7 was released in 2017. Below, we compare the specs of both cards to help you decide which one is the best for you.

The GTX 1050TI offers 2 GB of GDDR5 RAM, 768 CUDA cores at 1,290 MHz base/1,392 MHz boost-clock, and up to 4K resolution. On the other hand, the Vega 7 comes with 4 GB of HMB2 RAM, 1536 stream processors at up to 1,156 MHz base/1,410 MHz boost clock, and can supports resolutions up to 8K.

In terms of performance, the GTX 1050Ti tends to do better in gaming than the Vega 7. However, the Vega 7 offers stronger performance when it comes to 3D graphics and high-resolution gaming.

In terms of power and heat management, the GTX 1050Ti is more efficient since it consumes less power than the Vega 7. However, it has a much higher temperature range than the Vega 7 (which is cooler).

Overall, the GTX 1050Ti is an excellent choice for gamers who don't have a massive budget and are looking for a good mid-range graphics card. However, the Vega 7 offers superior performance and is worth considering if you don't mind the larger power consumption and higher temperature range.