The Ultimate Showdown: Echo Show 15 vs Hearth Smart Display

The battle for the best smart display has been ongoing for years, with tech giants constantly pushing the boundaries to provide the most advanced and user-friendly devices. However, the latest contenders to enter the arena are two of the most highly anticipated and talked about smart displays - the Echo Show 15 by Amazon and the Hearth Smart Display by Google.

Let's take a closer look at these two devices and see which one comes out on top.

Design and Display:

Upon first glance, one can see that the Echo Show 15 has taken a more unconventional approach with its design. It sports a 15-inch display, which is significantly larger than the standard 10-inch display on most smart displays. The display is also curved, giving it a unique and futuristic look. On the other hand, the Hearth Smart Display has a more traditional design with a 10-inch flat display. Both devices have touchscreens and a camera for video calls.

In terms of display quality, the Echo Show 15 is a clear winner with its crisp and vibrant display. The Hearth Smart Display, although not bad, falls slightly short in comparison.

Smart Features:

Both devices have voice assistants built-in, with Amazon's Alexa on the Echo Show 15 and Google Assistant on the Hearth Smart Display. Alexa is known for its ability to integrate with various third-party apps and devices, while Google Assistant excels in answering questions and providing information. Both assistants have their own perks, but it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

However, the Echo Show 15 offers a unique feature that sets it apart - the ability to scan your body to give you a health report. This could be a game-changer for those who want to track their fitness and health at home.

The Hearth Smart Display, on the other hand, has the edge when it comes to smart home control. It seamlessly integrates with Google's Nest products and can control a wide range of smart devices.


Both devices have impressive audio quality, making them great for streaming music and videos. The Echo Show 15 has a built-in Zigbee hub, making it easy to connect to smart home devices and play music across multiple rooms. The Hearth Smart Display also has a built-in hub and allows users to stream videos to their TV using Chromecast.

Price and Availability:

The Echo Show 15 is priced at $249.99 and is available for pre-order, while the Hearth Smart Display is priced at $229 and is already on sale. The price difference may not be a significant factor for some, but the Echo Show 15's delayed release may be a deal-breaker for those looking to upgrade their smart display right away.


After comparing the design, smart features, entertainment options, and price, it seems that the Echo Show 15 takes the lead in this showdown. Its larger screen, unique features, and superior display make it an exciting and promising addition to the smart display market. However, the Hearth Smart Display is a strong competitor with its impressive smart home control and more affordable price. Ultimately, the decision between these two devices may come down to personal preferences and needs. So, which one will you choose - the Echo Show 15 or the Hearth Smart Display?