LG 4K TV vs Samsung 4K TV: A Comparison

When considering a 4K TV, two of the most popular choices available are LG and Samsung. Both manufacturers have their own positive attributes and limitations, so it's helpful to compare their features when selecting a TV.

LG 4K TVs have the advantage of the best selection of OLED displays, the blackest blacks, vivid colour accuracy and superior contrast. With the latest technology in processing, LG TVs have superior image and colour retouching capabilities. They also have an impressive port selection, with multiple HDMI ports and USB ports. One potential downside to LG TVs is that their best models come with hefty price tags.

Samsung's main advantage is featuring more affordable 4K TVs than LG, these being QLED TVs, the latest LED display technology. Samsung's TVs also benefit from HDR10+ and its own processing engine. Thus, resulting in good colour reproduction and picture quality. The downside is that Samsung's 4K TVs don't have the same image detail that OLED TVs have, which might be important to some people.

Overall, LG and Samsung 4K TVs offer excellent picture quality and color accuracy. The deciding factor in which one to go with comes down to size, budget, and media preferences.